Attorney General May Be Close to Appointing Special Prosecutor

But independent commission would be able to provide comprehensive picture of past policies, says Constitution Project

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WASHINGTON – Recent news accounts indicate that Attorney General Eric Holder is close to appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the treatment of suspected terrorists held by the United States.

The following can be attributed to Virginia Sloan, president of the Constitution Project:

“Americans want a government that is both transparent and accountable. A special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate the treatment of suspected terrorists by the CIA so that we can determine what actions the government has taken in our names and in the name of national security. The scope of such an investigation is critically important. An investigation limited to examining the conduct of low-level officials will not provide the comprehensive picture we need to fully understand what has been done in the past, and what may continue to be done in the future.

“This is why the Constitution Project, along with 18 other advocacy organizations, has called on President Obama to appoint an independent commission to investigate the detention, treatment, and transfer of people detained since September 11, 2001 by the United States or at the direction of the United States as part of antiterrorism or counterterrorism activities. It is only with a full understanding of our nation’s past actions that we can have certainty that we are now honoring our principles and to prevent future deviations. Appointment of a special prosecutor is a significant step toward achieving that understanding.”

Click here to see the full coalition campaign statement calling for an independent commission of inquiry.

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