Congrats to TCP Board Members on Successful Elections

Congratulations to two members of The Constitution Project’s Board of Directors – one former and one current – who were elected to office on November 4.  Former GOP Congressman Asa Hutchinson, who also served on several TCP committees and as co-chair of the Task Force on Detainee Treatment before resigning from the board to run, was handily elected as governor of Arkansas.  And California voters chose to retain Mariano-Florentino Cuellar as an associate justice on the state’s Supreme Court.  Under California law, Justice Cuellar, who was appointed to the court earlier in the year, is required to stand for an up-or-down retention election once every 12 years.  Cuellar will be stepping down from the board in January.  TCP is appreciative for their service to the organization, and delighted for their electoral successes.

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