Experts Discuss Section 702 Post-Collection Reforms

Intelligence surveillance — often by necessity — bypasses many due process protections associated with traditional law enforcement surveillance. Yet there are few restrictions on how government can query and use intelligence surveillance for law enforcement purposes once it is collected. On October 14, a panel of experts explored what sensible reforms we could adopt to create effective due process restrictions on law enforcement use of intelligence surveillance without rebuilding the “Wall” that was removed in response to the 9/11 attacks.

Joining us for the discussion were: Sharon Bradford Franklin, Executive Director, Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board; Neema Singh Guliani, Legislative Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union; Becky Richards, Director, Office of Civil Liberties and Privacy, National Security Agency; and Peter Swire, Member, The President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technology. The panel was moderated by TCP Board member Rajeesh De, former general counsel at the NSA and Global Head of Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice at Mayer Brown LLP. Google cohosted the event with TCP.

The event was broadcast live by C-SPAN.

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