Liberty & Security Committee Members Urge Respect for Constitution in Policy Responses to Terror Attacks

On December 3, 21 members of the bipartisan Liberty and Security Committee sent a statement to members of Congress and key officials in the Obama administration urging restraint in developing policy proposals responding to the recent wave of terrorist attacks and encouraging respect for the Constitution.

The committee members –- policy experts, former government officials and legal practitioners from across the ideological spectrum –- wrote: “Some of our political leaders have hastily recommended or endorsed shuttering mosques; undoing modest bipartisan reforms to mass government surveillance; creating religious or national identity-based registries; increasing the government’s power to take away citizenship; enacting religious tests for refugees; and bringing back abusive interrogations. All of these proposals threaten constitutional rights and principles central to the fabric of our country. None of them would effectively address the threat we face.”

The statement and list of signatories is available online.

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