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What happens if Trump tries to abuse his power? Look to the court system
TCP Urges Congress to Protect Staff From Surveillance or Retaliation by the Agencies They Oversee
Obama legacy: Handing Trump a broad view of war powers
  • News
  • Associated Press
Smith v. Obama: The Political Question Doctrine Misapplied
  • News
  • Just Security
Blocking Judicial Nominations: Constitutional Prerogative or Constitutional Crisis?
A Right to “Know” or a Right to “No”? Examining Congressional Oversight of the Executive Branch
Debating the Legality of the Post-9/11 ‘Forever War’
  • News
  • Council on Foreign Relations
TCP Asks Court to Back Army Officer’s Claim that War against ISIL is Illegal
Constitution Check: Has the U.S. war against ISIS in Syria been illegal from the start?
  • News
  • Constitution Daily
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