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ACLU holds panel discussion on police use of surveillance devices
ACLU, CMPD discuss ‘The State of Surveillance’ in Charlotte
Comments to the FAA Regarding the Privacy Impact of Unmanned Aircraft System Test Site Program
The Constitution Project filed comments with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on the privacy impact of its unmanned aircraft system (UAS) test site program.
Are your child’s civil rights being bashed because your school needs more cash?
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  • Examiner
Surveillance cameras: an eye for an eye?
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  • CBS Smart Planet
Petition to the FAA regarding use of aerial drones within the United States
Coalition of NGOs including TCP petitioned the FAA to conduct a rulemaking to consider threats to privacy and civil liberties created by use of aerial drones within the United States.
Public surveillance from private property questioned
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  • The Washington Times
Study: Crime cameras a cost-effective deterrent
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  • The Baltimore Sun
Comments of The Constitution Project Regarding the New York City Police Department’s Proposed Public Security Privacy Guidelines for the Domain Awareness System
TCP comments urge NYPD to incorporate greater privacy safeguards for camera system including reduced data retention period.
Statement of The Constitution Project Regarding the Homeland Security Grant for Installation of Surveillance Cameras
TCP prepared statement to City Council for Cambridge, MA urges council to evaluate whether public cameras are best for city's needs and to establish written privacy policy if do establish camera system.
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