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The Constitution Project Annual Report 2013
At The Constitution Project, we are proud to be recognized as one of the first and most respected organizations devoted to finding bipartisan consensus on tough constitutional issues. Throughout our 17-year existence, TCP has repeatedly demonstrated that experts from all sides of the political spectrum can work together to find common ground, even on the thorniest of constitutional questions. Last year was no exception. Going forward, TCP remains as dedicated as ever to its mission: bringing together policy experts and legal practitioners from across the ideological spectrum to meet the constitutional challenges of our time. As a result of our long-standing commitment to bipartisanship and consensus-building, we have earned a reputation for principled inquiry and credible policy recommendations. We support those policy recommendations through strategic advocacy campaigns and our experts are regularly consulted by state and federal legislators, executive branch agencies, other non-governmental organizations and the media.
The Case for a FISA Special Advocate
“Irreversible Error”: Executive Summary in Spanish
Irreversible Error: Recommended Reforms for Preventing and Correcting Errors in the Administration of Capital Punishment
Reporte del Grupo de Trabajo del Constitution Project sobre Tratamiento a Detenidos
Reporte del Grupo de Trabajo del Constitution Project sobre Tratamiento a Detenidos
Report of The Constitution Project’s Task Force on Detainee Treatment
Are We Closer to Fulfilling Gideon’s Promise?: The Effects of the Supreme Court’s “Right-to-Counsel Term”
This Issue Brief examines the five “Right-to-Counsel Term” decisions the Court handed down during the 2011-2012 Term and some of the subsequent lower court decisions applying those decisions.
The Impact of the Supreme Court’s Decision Regarding the Constitutionality of Health Care Reform
  • Jan 3, 2013
  • Issue:
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  • Sub-Issue:
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The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, upholding the Affordable Care Act, raised questions about the constitutionality of existing and proposed federal programs that seek to promote federal policies by threatening to withhold funds unless the states meet certain requirements. This memo seeks to address those questions and assess the impact of the Court’s decision.
The Constitution Project’s Task Force on Detainee Treatment
The Constitution Project’s independent, bipartisan, blue-ribbon Task Force is examining the federal government’s policies and actions related to the capture, detention and prosecution of suspected terrorists in U.S. custody during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. Created late in 2010, the goal of the Task Force is to provide the American people with a broad understanding of what is known—and what may still be unknown—about the past and current treatment of suspected terrorists detained by the U.S. government. The Task Force seeks to identify and promote detention policies and practices that comply with the nation’s legal obligations, foreign policy objectives and values.
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