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Civil Society Progress Report on the US National Action Plan
Civil Society progress report on the Obama Administration's recently released Open Government Partnership US National Action Plan (NAP), an outline of steps to making the federal government more transparent and accountable.
Recommendations for Fusion Centers: Preserving Privacy and Civil Liberties while Protecting Against Crime and Terrorism
Liberty and Security Committee report examines civil liberties issues raised by fusion centers -- information-sharing hubs for federal, state, and local law enforcement -- including risks of racial, religious and political profiling. Committee makes recommendations to improve safeguards for data collection, data storage and use, and accountability.
Report on the FISA Amendments Act of 2008
TCP's Liberty and Security Committee believe that the FISA Amendments Act raises significant Fourth Amendment concerns; that the public has not been adequately informed concerning these authorities; and that Congress should address both of these problems before reauthorizing the statute.
Frequently Asked Questions about Cybersecurity and Privacy
FAQs summarizing issues raised in TCP's cybersecurity report and privacy threats posed by pending cybersecurity legislation.
Recommendations for the Implementation of a Comprehensive and Constitutional Cybersecurity Policy
Report by Liberty and Security Committee examines constitutional and civil liberties issues raised by proposed legislation on cybersecurity and recommends incorporation of safeguards to protect privacy and provide rigorous oversight.
Ten Civil Liberties Reforms Still Needed as PATRIOT Act Turns Ten
On 10th anniversary of Patriot Act, TCP calls for 10 civil liberties reforms covering issues from Patriot Act and government surveillance to detention policy to government secrecy.
Liberty and Security Committee Statement on Location Tracking
Liberty and Security Committee report examines law enforcement use of electronic location tracking technologies and recommends imposing warrant requirement to safeguard 4th Amendment rights in digital age.
Guantanamo Ten Years After 9/11
Guantanamo Ten Years After 9/11 provides an overview and analysis of the evolution of U.S. detention policy and practice in the counterterrorism context in the decade following the attacks of September 11, 2001.
A Reform Roadmap for the Criminal Justice System
Highlighting the Smart on Crime report, specifically recommendations that balance the need to improve our justice system with the need to acknowledge the shrinking budgets require an examination of efficiency and effectiveness.
Engaging Unlikely Allies to Achieve Criminal Justice Reform
  • Jul 1, 2011
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Explaining how the criminal justice advocacy community can develop campaigns that effectively incorporate the growing number of available "unlikely allies" who provide new and unexpected voices of support for reform.
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