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Coalition letter to Senate Judiciary Committee regarding FISA and NSA warrantless wiretapping
Coalition of NGOs including TCP urge Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate NSA warrantless wiretapping program .
Letter from former government officials and academics to congressional leadership regarding FISA and NSA warrantless wiretapping
Fourteen former government officials and academics urge Congress that FISA does not authorize warrantless wiretapping and explain constitutional concerns with NSA program.
Statement of The Constitution Project’s Liberty and Security Initiative on the NSA Domestic Spying Program
Liberty and Security Committee statement explains committee is "deeply troubled" by recently disclosed NSA warrantless wiretapping program which is not authorized by FISA or president's inherent constitutional powers.
Transcript of “Domestic Spying, NSA Surveillance, and the Rule of Law”
TCP sponsored panel discussion on recently revealed NSA warrantless wiretapping program and legal issues under FISA and the constitution.
State Wiretaps and Electronic Surveillance After September 11
Research article describing constitutional framework and current state laws on wiretapping done for TCP's Liberty and Security Committee.
Appendix A: State Wiretap Laws
Appendix A to article on state wiretap laws outlining each state's actual current laws.
Appendix B: State Wiretap Legislation
Appendix B to article on state wiretap laws outlining pending wiretap legislation in various states.
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