Progress Report: How Open is the Obama Administration? (OTG) recently released a Civil Society Progress Report on the status of the Obama administration’s US National Action Plan (NAP) on Open Government. The Civil Society Progress Report was developed by a coalition of non-governmental organizations, and evaluates the Obama administration’s progress in reaching its goals on a variety of open government issues.  The Constitution Project is participating in OTG’s evaluation, and helped to review the administration’s progress on the declassification of national security information.

The NAP was released in September 2011 as a part of a commitment to the Open Government Partnership, a global initiative to further develop transparency in government. Since the administration will not have this plan fully enacted until January 2013, this report is a one-year review of the steps that the administration has taken thus far, and a reiteration of the work left to be completed. To view the full Civil Society Progress Report, click here.

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