Speed Up Transparency Efforts and Improve Collaboration, Groups Tell Obama Administration

In a new report released on February 17, civil society groups expressed a growing sense of frustration about the pace at which the Obama administration is honoring its commitments to improve government transparency, as well as disappointment over a perceived unwillingness of agencies to better collaborate with the nonprofit sector.

The report was prepared by Openthegovernment.org – with input from nearly two dozen other organizations, including The Constitution Project – as a part of periodic “check-in” under the Open Government Partnership, an international multi-platform initiative intended to make governments more transparent and accountable.  Among the findings, the report highlights the shortcomings in the completion rate, the apparent lack of political mandate and follow-through, and the need for a much greater focus on collaboration.

“All of these, and a deeper commitment to openness measures, must be improved for civil society organizations to continue to commit resources to helping the U.S. government fulfill its Open Government Partnership pledges and sustain engagement at the level this report reflects,” Openthegovernment.org said in a press release.

In addition to TCP, organizations providing input to the report include the American Civil Liberties Union, Demand Progress, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the Federation of American Scientists, the Project on Government Oversight and the Sunlight Foundation.

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