TCP Files Amicus Brief Highlighting Deficiencies in Alabama’s Indigent Defense System

The Constitution Project moved to file an amicus brief Monday in support of Alabama death row inmate Cory Maples, arguing that Maples is entitled to relief based on the ineffective representation he received during his capital murder trial.  TCP’s brief argues that Alabama’s deficient indigent defense system at the time of Maples’ trial resulted in the constitutionally inadequate representation, noting that Alabama ranked last in the country in terms of compensation for court-appointed capital defense attorneys at that time.  Maples’ attorneys themselves admitted their inadequacies to the jury, claiming they were “stumbling in the dark” while representing Maples.  TCP has previously filed three amicus briefs in support of Maples in his attempt to have these ineffective assistance of counsel claims heard by the court despite his missing a key filing deadline when his attorneys abandoned their representation of him.

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