The Constitution Project Annual Report 2010

In 2010, the American public seemed as divided over crucial constitutional issues as at any time in recent history. A public already anxious because of a weakened economy engaged in contentious debates over the proper limits on government authority, the requirements for a fair and effective criminal justice system, the consequences of rapidly advancing surveillance and other technologies, and the need to balance safety and security in an age of terrorism.

On these, and other major issues, The Constitution Project (TCP) has been honored to serve as a leading bipartisan voice of reform for 14 years. And we believe that our mission—bringing together unlikely allies from across the political spectrum in order to meet the constitutional challenges of our time—has never been more relevant or vital.

We know that upholding the Constitution cannot be entrusted to any single person, faction, or party. We also know that consensus-based problem-solving produces the most viable, long-term solutions. In the pages to come, you will see many examples of how our work has been strengthened by the expertise of men and women who don’t necessarily share the same ideologies, beliefs or backgrounds.

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