Beyond Guantanamo: The Rule of Law and Why it Matters

  • October 12, 2011

On October 12, 2011, The Constitution Project hosted an event, Beyond Guantanamo:  The Rule of Law and Why it Matters, in Miami, FL.  Discussing TCP’s Task Force on Detainee Treatment’s examination of U.S. policies that govern the treatment of terrorism suspects from the Clinton to the Obama administrations were TCP’s Board of Directors Chair, Steve Hanlon ; TCP President, Virginia Sloan; and Staff Director of TCP’s Task Force on Detainee Treatment, Charlie Martel.

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“It was torture,” TCP's independent, bipartisan, blue-ribbon Task Force on Detainee Treatment concluded in a report released April 16, 2013. The group looked at the federal government's policies and actions related to the detention and treatment of suspected terrorists captured in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere and held in U.S. custody during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. Read More...