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Boehner to sue Obama for executive orders; Pelosi says speaker needs to be an ‘adult’
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White House precedent on Syria may complicate additional moves on Iraq
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Obama Flips Position with Prisoner Exchange
Presidents at War
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Congress, War Powers, and Counterterrorism – A panel discussion sponsored by The Constitution Project
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On War Powers, the Case for a Consistent Process
Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) pens op-ed about The Constitution Project’s resident scholar Louis Fisher's story earlier in the week weighing in on the War Powers Consultation Act of 2014.
Don’t invite more presidential wars
Lou Fisher, TCP's Scholar in Residence, discusses pending Senate legislation (S.1939) that would shift the war power largely to the president and a 20-person legislative committee. The result would undermine the constitutional role of 515 other members of Congress and the duty they have to represent the interests of their constituents, Fisher argues.
34 States Call for Constitutional Convention — and Possible Rewrite
TCP scholar-in-residence Louis Fisher weighs in on the likelihood and potential outcome of a modern-day Constitutional Convention.
Government Errors Are Shrouded in Secrecy
A reliance on the state-secrets privilege is enabling the government to draw a cover over its mistakes so that no one can fully understand when it is at fault. Like all human institutions, governments make errors and injure innocent individuals. Why not admit error and demonstrate integrity, honesty and fairness, and at the same time build public trust?
Judicial Errors That Magnify Presidential Power
As with any human institution, federal courts (including the Supreme Court) make errors. What happens if they are not corrected? Why should they continue to guide courts, the eleceted branches, and scholars? No matter how often repeated, an error remains an error and should not serve as a legitimate precedent.
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